Renata Kaveh Shoot

Amanda Strachan


5 thoughts on “Renata Kaveh Shoot

    • Thank you, I appreciate it. I started when I was 14 years old. I was kind of a tomboy; around that time in my life I was skateboarding every day. It was my mom who one day, while walking through the mall, saw a signup booth for a modeling competition and insisted I register. I didn’t like the idea until I heard the perks such as the amount of money you can make in the industry. I ended up registering after a brief moment of procrastination. I ended up winning the competition, and entered into a larger competition in New York. I racked up awards at that competition including “Petite model of the year”, “Best Runway”, “Best Print”, and “Best Commercial”. This had agencies from around the world wanting to sign with me. I was really surprised because I am only 5,7.5” and being this height in the modeling industry usually won’t get many girls too far. After high school I ended up quitting modelling to go to school for Business Administration- Marketing. After which I started modeling with Elite and now I travel internationally. I’ve just recently started to market myself more online (hence my blogs), which I was very sceptical about at first, but it’s necessary if you want to get your name out there. I love the creative aspect of modeling. I usually dance when I am “posing” for pictures. I find it brings out more of a natural aspect and portrays more energy.

      • thx for replying. i modeled a bit for Wilhelmina in my home town and had a chance to go to NYC but decided to go to college instead (im kind of a really big nerd lol) but am thinking of trying again…would you say modeling is worth it?

  1. Try it out again and see for yourself 🙂
    It’s a good experience if you’re traveling around internationally. I’ve met so many people and gained so much knowledge while traveling and working in this industry. You have nothing to lose.

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