Let It Be

Our hearts beat without thought
Our breath breathes and eyes blink
We give and we take
We love and we hate
We jump and we fall
Through all:
Let the trees teach you to stand tall
Let the clouds coach you to move, change and shape
Let the ground keep you as real as the roots that grow from within
Let the sunrise show you new beginnings
Let the warmth of the sun embrace you and show you bliss
Let our eyelids fall down with the moon
Let the beating hearts that surround you intrigue you
Let your soul beam and be free
Let the music teach your heart and feet to dance in-sync
Let your feelings be expressed without fear of judgement
Let your body, mind, and soul be balanced and united
Let yourself live, learn, and love devotedly
Let the universe teach you all that we are: Stardust gravitating through a diminutive dimension in time, meeting, loving, moving on.
Let the air you breathe carry in positivity
Let your heart beat and your eyes blink
Let your being work like the amazing instrument it is, as the universe does so.
Let your mind unlock the beauty of the universe.
Let us all find peace within
All is one; Let it be as so.


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