New Photos by Steve Locke


Poetic Enlightenment – Unformatted

When you let your head hang heavy you’ll sink like a broken boat
Keep your head up and you will begin to float
Because the way you perceive
Determines what you receive
I used to see the world through my own two eyes
Now, world, I see it from yours
There are so many lies
Put down your swords
Just look and see
I see what is all around me
I concentrate on the instantaneous values of truth
No longer submerged within the mind of my youth
What I’ve been through
Helps me stay true
When I make a decision
I let my shadow follow beside
Complete with such precision
Because I did it with all of my mind
The light is no longer too bright
My eyes adjust
I look up and it’s the perfect sight

Change is Inevitable

Nothing stays the same
Constant change is what makes the world turn
Change evokes change within us
So embrace it; let it guide you
And never take what you have at that valued moment for granted
Because it won’t be here forever
And when it’s gone, it’s gone
No matter how hard you try to hold on

Words To Live By