Traveling Opened My Eyes To Evescandy

As I traveled around the world I found myself hungry to experience new things; my brain as if a sponge, absorbing any and all information that surrounded me. I wanted something new to fulfill me. Modeling just wasn’t doing it for me. I quickly came to realize I found a new passion, making jewelry. I began looking for bead stores everywhere I traveled, handpicking all materials I thought were beautiful and unique. I had been doing this for about a year until I accumulated so much jewelry that I decided to open a business in this field. Most of the pieces are one of a kind because everyone is unique and deserves their own little treasure to assist in expressing themselves.

Before I knew it I had registered my business back home (in Canada) and started a Facebook page that had over 3,000 views within the first week. Business has been going well, and all of my customers have had nothing but good things to say about the products they’ve bought from me.

For the time being my website is under construction and customers are paying through email transfers.

Check out and like my new Facebook page for my new line of trendy jewelry called Evescandy.

To check out some of my products and continue to receive notifications of my newest items go to my page and “like” it:




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