MIA for the last few days because I’ve been hiking the challenging “O” trek in Torres Del Paine. It’s been one of the most physically challenging things I’ve done in my life; 9 days total of hiking up and down mountains with a 40lb backpack full of food, camping gear and clothes. Words can’t explain how exhausting it can be, but it’s been worth it for all the beauty that surrounds this place and the lessons it’s taught me. I never realized how strong my body can be until now. 7 days down and 2 to go! Getting pizza and pasta as soon as we hit town 🍕 🍝

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This journey so far throughout South America has been wondrous, breathtaking, mind-opening, unpredictable, and exhausting all at once. It’s the simple reason why I love travelling this magical planet. Evidently, it leads to being exposed to new opportunities, friends, experiences and emotions that I would not otherwise be faced with in everyday habitual life. I never want to stop exploring the wonders of this place we live in, not just for the sake of seeing everything in physical form, but opening up and becoming more tuned into to the energy and magic that surrounds our planet. ✨🌎 Photo by: @joshmcaree

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